SCAF partners have to go through a three-step process in order to get support from the facility:


Any party may express an interest in obtaining support at any point throughout the operational phase of SCAF. Interested entities are invited to submit a proposal once the Agent has conducted a preliminary check of the eligibility for SCAF II support. Additional guidance for project proposals can be found on the SCAF website. There are no specific deadlines or cut-off dates other than when the available budgets are fully committed. Once an approval in principle has been issued, the potential SCAF partner proceeds to the due-diligence stage.


Upon approval of submitted proposals, each interested potential partner has to undergo the SCAF II due diligence procedure as a condition precedent for formal contractual engagement. For the due diligence, the SCAF partner will follow a standardized process, similar to the one adopted by DFIs. After final approval, the SCAF Agent will start contract negotiations.


Once contracted, the SCAF partners have to report on their progress through the following means:
  • Quarterly progress reports with financial information
  • Regular conference calls with the management of SCAF partners
  • Annual meetings which serve as a platform for the exchange of experiences
  • Audited financial statements and confirmation letter for SCAF-financed expenses from auditor