SCAF Support Lines

In general, fund managers and DevCos are eligible for SCAF support if they are active (or intend to be active) in low carbon frontier markets in Asia or Africa, having at least 70% of their activities in eligible sectors and regions. Under SL 0, SCAF only supports first-time equity investment entity managers, which are defined as independent equity investment managers that have not raised nor managed any kind of low carbon related investment entity in the target region. SL 1 and 2 are available to PE and VC funds as well as project development companies. In addition to the geographic and sectoral focus, eligible partners have to demonstrate that they are sufficiently funded. Interested parties have to demonstrate a track record of successfully having developed small to medium scale renewable energy or other low carbon projects to financial close and having a viable deal pipeline of projects in their target regions. Finally, all potential SCAF partners have to show at the time of signing the agreement, that they can match the support received under respective Support Line.



Support Line 0


SL 0 helps new fund managers in the low-carbon space during the fundraising stage.

SL 0 is a conditional grant of between USD 200,000 and USD 500,000 that is paid back once the fund reaches a first close.


sl 1

Support Line 1


SL 1 supports PE/VC funds and DevCos in building a project pipeline while at the same time delivering capacity-building at the local developer level.

SL 1 provides support in conjunction with SL 2 for a total amount of between USD 0.5 million and USD 2.5 million per partner. SL 1 is a non-reimbursable grant and accounts for 30% of the total contract volume.


sl 2

Support Line 2


SL 2 co-finances, with PE/VC funds and DevCos, the development costs of getting seeded projects to full financial close.

SL 2 provides support in conjunction with SL 1 for a total amount of between USD 0.5 million and USD 2.5 million per partner. SL 2 accounts for 70% of the total contract volume and is a conditional grant that is reimbursable for projects that reach financial close.

Activities typically financed under SL 0 include:

  • Fundraising costs (e.g., travel expenses)
  • Legal set-up fees

Activities typically financed under SL 1 include:

  • Training, coaching and workshops for local project developers
  • Project identification (e.g., event participation, travel expenses)
  • Pre-investment feasibility studies

Activities typically financed under SL 2 include:

  • Independent technical and project assessments
  • Feasibility studies
  • Financial risk analysis and project valuation
  • Regulatory compliance and framework reviews
  • Environmental, social and governance (ESG) risk analysis